Who Are the REAL Stakeholders?

This inserted document of a stakeholder’s meeting can help us to visualize the bigger picture as to what is going on in New York State regarding natural gas pipelines, compressor stations and power plants. Although it’s not all inclusive (there is about 2.4 million miles in the United States), the maps show the 416 mile Iroquois gas system from the Canadian border to Long Island and New York City, and the 52-63 mile “NYMarc Project” (below).  The Minisink compressor station and the CPV Valley power plant are part of this bigger picture. In case anyone is not aware, New York State, in its entirety, can be powered by wind, water and sunlight. This not only saves lives, it puts our future generations before profits, allows for sustainable, clean energy giving rise to far more permanent jobs than the Minisink compressor and CPV projects and, of course, does not contribute to greenhouse gases causing global warming and severe climate change. The gas and oil industry is putting profits before their own children, we must not allow them to put profits before ours!