Dear Friends,
Its been a long struggle since we began fighting against a compressor station in our once pristine rural residential community of Minisink, N.Y..  After two years we have learned that Minisink is just one part of a vast infrastructure network being built for the transportation, processing, and sale of Fracked gas in NY.
The next step in that build out is the 650 MW gas-fired power plant being built in our neighboring town of Wawayanda.  This facility will emit 2 million tons of green house gases annually in an agricultural district that serves as New York’s food and dairy shed.
This project is fast moving through the permitting process.  We must do everything possible to stop it.   The DEC is just now taking comments for the draft air permit for the facility and the deadline is June 14 by 4:30 pm.   We need your help and it will only take a few minutes of your time.
Two simple steps and 5 minutes can help us in our efforts to stop this project.
1) The DEC is accepting comments on a draft air permit for the project until Friday June 14 4:30 PM.  We need as many people as possible to submit comments. By clicking on the link below you can automatically generate a  prepared comment.  There is also an option to add your own comment.(which we urge you to do if you have the time).   If you do chose this option and you believe you are an impacted resident, landowner, or stakeholder you should add that you wish to become a party to the process. (Please know that anyone who lives in the Lower Hudson Valley or uses the area for recreational or economic activity can be considered a stakeholder)
2) Also please sign this new simple petition against the power plant which will be sent to all of our state elected officials.
If you are interested in more actively participating in the process the following is a link to the DEC notice on draft air permit.
Thank you for your support