Rally to Protect Orange County

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Middletown NY: This weekend, opponents of the 650 MW CPV Valley Plant will join hundreds of thousands of people from around the globe and rally to demonstrate their demand that world leaders gathering in Paris this coming week for COP 21 will meet the challenge to change the way that we power our planet. Plans for clean, renewable energy, if implemented immediately, may save our earth from climate catastrophe. A continued dependence on fossil fuels spells certain disaster.

Locally, the members of Protect Orange County will gather at the building site of the CPV Valley Energy Center, an electrical generating plant to be powered by fracked gas. “The CPV Valley Plant represents the wrong direction for New York State and the wrong direction for our planet. “, said a spokesperson for Protect Orange County. The plant will emit 2.1 million tons of green house gases annually. Yet, this figure does not even include leaking methane. According to Barbara Warren, an analyst for the Citizens Environmental Coalition, the actual global warming potential of the plant would be 4 times that amount at just a 5% leakage rate.

All are invited to attend. The group will meet at the CPV site on Route 6, less than a mile south of the intersection of Routes 6 and 17M just outside Middletown, NY. at 11:00 a.m. Saturday, November 28th. Rain or shine, we will be there with our signs and our hopes for a better future.

Protect Orange County, is also proud to be a signatory to a letter issued by frontline communities to world leaders demanding an ethical energy plan and an end to sacrifice zones. On Saturday at the rally they will echo this call to our own Governor and urge him to rescind the permits for CPV and transition the state to renewable energy. They note that the Governor banned fracking stating that he would not sacrifice the southern tier and now they call for equal protection for Orange County.

Also featured at the rally will be the 50 foot United States of Fracking Banner that tells the stories of communities across the country impacted by fracking, including Minisink NY. The neighboring town lost their challenge of a Millennium Pipeline 12,260 HP compressor station several years back, that opponents say was built to serve the CPV plant. The banner has travelled across the country to tell the story of communities being sacrificed for the gas industry and fracking.


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