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Planned plant is trouble

Wake up, people, Competitive Power Ventures’ hydrofracked gas-fueled electric generating plant planned to be built off Route 6 near the Middletown-Wawayanda line is unnecessary, will generate air pollution, jeopardize our health, endanger water resources, further dependence on fossil fuels, and contribute to climate change and catastrophic weather, the consequences of which we will have to pay. Oppose this project.

Renewable energy, reportedly, provided 82 percent of all new U.S. electrical generating capacity in the first quarter of 2013. The journal Science Today reported that a study by Mark Jacobson, a senior fellow of Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and the Precourt Institute for Energy, and scientists from Cornell and the University of California-Davis, demonstrated that it is technically and economically feasible to convert New York’s energy infrastructure to one powered by wind, water and sunlight.

Imagine, a decline of 4,000 air-pollution-related deaths annually, a savings of $33 billion or 3 percent of the state’s gross domestic product, in related costs every year.

This savings alone would pay for the power infrastructure needed in short order, and decreased pollution would reduce climate change costs, such as coastal erosion and extreme weather damage by an estimated $3.2 billion per year.

Randolph Hurst

Slate Hill

Not All Back Project

I attended the Waywayanda Planning Board meeting that was to address any site plan issues concerning the proposed CPV natural gas power plant. That discussion never happened.

The overwhelming majority in attendance were union trade workers, their representatives, local business leaders and, not surprisingly, Middletown Mayor Joe DeStefano and a few members of the Common Council. Middletown will sell “gray water” from its sewage treatment plant to cool the power plant. The mayor stated that all of Middletown was in favor of the project. He misspoke.

All those people spoke about jobs and the money to be made by the town. No one mentioned that CPV’s Payment in Lieu of Taxes agreement would dramatically reduce its tax liability. The minority of speakers were homeowners concerned about decreasing property values and the inherent dangers of this type of power plant, real concerns over health issues and possible catastrophic accidents.

I’ve been a dues-paying union member for more than 40 years, even in retirement. I strongly support job growth. Waywayanda is not the place for a project such as this. Remember, the tobacco industry created billions of dollars in employment revenue. Look where that got us.

Vincent Crescenzo