Gas Industry and Campaign Contributions

According to follow the money dot org, New York State Governor Cuomo has taken campaign contributions from Nixon Peabody, LLP, lawyers (CPV) and lobbyists,  to the tune of  $81,760. Please see here

New York Common Cause, holding power accountable, has a three-part series called Deep Drilling, Deep Pockets. In its Part Three report it lists “Heavy Hitters: The Gas Industry’s Dirty Dozen”  campaign contributions and CPV is number FIVE! Here’s the graph and the part three report which you can read here  The report in its entirety is located here

Pro Publica’s “Pipelines Explained: How safe are America’s 2.5 Million Miles of Pipelines?” gives a better look at the pipelines in this country and points out disastrous results of some of them. You can see for yourself here

This is happening in every state and at every level of government! We the people MUST say ENOUGH! NO MORE!