Community to hold Vigil at Sacred Historic Site where 650 MW power plant is planned

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Community to hold Vigil at Sacred Historic Site where

650 MW Power Plant is Planned


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Middletown NY: On Saturday, January 17th at  3:00 PM At the intersection of route 17M and route 6, residents along with the Ramapough Lenape Tribe, and community & environmental advocates will hold a vigil to oppose the development of a 650 MW Gas Power Plant proposed by Competitive Power Ventures.

“On the Weekend we celebrate Martin Luther King and the struggle for Civil Rights; let us remember that all our grievances are connected.  When we defend our air, water, and soil we stand for justice for all!,” say organizers. This power plant would destroy a site which is sacred for the Ramapough-Lenape Tribe, a Native American burial ground, as well as a historic 17th Century Fort – Fort Dolson.

This power plant is slated to release 2.1 million tons of CO2 annually (equivalent to 210 miles of coal trains) into the air around the Lower Hudson Valley-Black Dirt Region, along with methane gas, and dangerous ozone-forming toxins. The proposed site is  located near a public housing project, residential communities, and schools, on pristine farmland, named NY DEC “Agricultural Lands of Significance”.  Over 60 Acres of designated wetlands and endangered species habitat will be affected.  This project will be subsidized by NYS taxpayers and electric rates will also rise to pay for a private corporation’s profit making venture.  Studies have shown that none of the power created by this plant is in demand in our area.

The Vigil will be led by Chief Dwaine Perry of the Ramapough-Lenape tribe, who will help us summon the Great Spirits, the ancestors of Jogee to guide us toward a path of a sustainable and livable future.

Followed by Minisink Historian Michael Vandervoordt, who will narrate stories of the great battles that were fought there, and the brave people involved.

“This land is under attack again; another war is being waged upon its soil.  In the spirit of 7 generations, may we tell the stories of this sacred land; just as my Grandfather told to me, I too will tell my Grandchildren.” – Michael Vandervoordt

Opponents of the project say they have the support of over 30 grassroots community and environmental organizations (attached list) and a petition with over 1300 signatures which they will deliver to Governor Cuomo, who banned fracking last month based on public health concerns.



Stop MCS (Minisink Compressor Station), Protect Orange County, Occupy Orange County, NUFF (Neighbors United For the Facts)




As of 1/15/14



Artisan Kitchen and Bath


Bread Eaters of Beaver

Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy

Center for Environmental Health

Citizen Action of NY

Citizens Environmental Coalition


Damascus Citizens for Sustainability

Delaware Action Group

Food and Water Watch

Frack free catskills SPAN

Frack free catskills

Gas Free Seneca

Grassroots Environmental Education

Howie Hawkins Green Party

Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, Inc.

Hungry Hill Air Patrol, Hancock, NY (Compressor Station)

MADCO (Madison County)

Massachusetts PipeLine Awareness Network

Myersville Citizens for a Rural Community

NUFF Neighbors United For the Facts


Orange County Citizen

Protect Orange County

Ramapough Lenape Nation

Roseland Against Compressor Station (RACS)

Save Native Sites

Second Home Solution

Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter

Stop the Algonquin Pipeline Expansion


Breathe Easy Susquehanna County (BESC)

Concerned Residents of Oxford NY

Sane Energy Project