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WAWAYANDA SIX ARRAIGNED FOR DECEMBER BLOCKADE OF                                                         CPV PLANT

Those who have come to be called the “Wawayanda Six” were arraigned tonight,January 21, at Wawayanda Town Court, 80 Ridgebury Hill Road, Slate Hill, NY.

James Cromwell, Terri Klemm, Pramilla Malick, Naomi Miller, Maureen Murphy-Smolka and Madeline Shaw, represented by attorney Michael Sussman, entered pleas of not guilty in relation to charges of disorderly conduct/obstructing traffic from their December 18th, 2015 blockade of the Competitive Power Ventures Energy Project construction site on Route 6 in Wawayanda, NY.

The Wawayanda Six are part of a rapidly growing movement of local and regional citizens deeply concerned about the health and environmental impacts of the proposed 650-MW plant. The plant would create electricity using gas drawn from hydro-fracking – a process banned by Governor Cuomo in the State of NY because of its negative health impacts. The plant would also have a million-gallon diesel tank and 15,000-gallon ammonia tank – each creating high explosive risk.

Scientists estimate that the toxic emissions from the 28-story stacks would spread in a radius of at least 30 miles – making its effects felt dramatically in parts of Sullivan, Pike, and Sussex Counties as well as throughout the Lower Hudson Valley region. Weekly protests have drawn increasing participation from impacted residents of Pike County in PA and Sussex County in NJ, and two of those arrested in December live in Sussex County.

According to actor James Cromwell, actions like this are important because they draw attention not just to this power plant, but to the 300 others planned for the USA, “which must be stopped if we are going to live on this planet”.