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Comments To PSC From Impacted and Concerned Residents

Following are just some of the comments submitted to the PSC by people voicing their concerns of the fracked-gas power plant. Most of the public testimony at the hearing was in opposition to the power addressing concerns that it is too close to our schools, the health hazards, rising taxes and rate increases to help pay the costs of the power plant, no existing need for energy, destroying the agricultural heritage along with the environment, industrializing the area, and many other concerns about adverse impacts on Orange County.

Inaccurate THR article on the PSC hearing: Crowd comes out for Wawayanda power-plant hearing

Letter to the THR editor by Randy Hurst: Article on hearing lacking


George D. Thurston, Sc.D  Thurston Testimony_calpine_GDT ThurstonFullCV_2-14.pdf

Michael R. Edelstein, Ph.D. Comments-of-Michael-R.-Edelstein-for-Orange-Environment-Feb-25-14-updated.pdf Vita2014

Jannette M. Barth, Ph.D JMB-CPV-Valley-LLC-comments.pdf

Michael S. VanDervoort MS-VanDervoort.pdf

Susan Van Dolsen CPVcommentssvd

Geoffrey Howard, Chair Sustainable Warwick Sustainable Warwick PSC Comments

Debra Slattery PSC-Comments-2-25-141.pdf

Jurgen Wekerle, Co-chair Sterling Forest-Highlands Committee, Sierra Club Atlantic Chapter 2-26-14-PSC-Testimony-by-JW-Re-CPV-1-2.pdf

Jill Linder Testimony-by-Jill-Lindner-re-CPV-PSC-PUBLIC-HEARING-2-25-14.pdf

Randy Hurst Final-2-25-14-RH-JW.pdf

Senator Tony Avella Letter-to-PSC-re-CPV-Valley-Energy-Project.pdf